Couples Counseling

Our relationships can be the most important and rewarding aspects of our lives. They can also become challenging and painful. Too often we can feel stuck in patterns of relational conflict, miscommunication and misunderstanding. This leaves us feeling frustrated, scared, unheard, hopeless and, maybe worst of all, disconnected and alone. Humans are wired to crave and seek secure connections with others, so when important relationships are poor, we suffer. Unfortunately, most of us reach adulthood without learning the simple but effective emotional and communication skills that support successful and healthy relationships. But it is never too late. These things can be learned anytime in our lives if we are willing to make it a priority.

In couples counseling, partners can learn to understand, recognize and interrupt the unhealthy and frustrating patterns they feel trapped in and gain the tools to create a healthier happier relationship. I urge any couple questioning if their relationship could be better to give couples counseling a try. Ask yourselves, if you both invested the same amount of time, planning, energy and intention into your relationship as you do in your jobs, or school or even your hobbies, how much better could your connection be?

I love working with couples because I understand how important healthy relationships are for us as individuals, for children and families and even society as a whole. I am nonjudgmental, because I understand how hard it is and how our early life experiences set us up for our adult struggles. I’m a straight shooter. I’m not interested in just making people feel better in the moment. I’m interested in helping people become accountable to themselves and break their old patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that cause relational suffering.